Established in the year 2000, Radysis group of companies has transformed from a small and simple general contract manufacturer to a world-class one-stop manufacturing facility focusing on 4 core areas.

  • Cable & Wire Harness Assembly
  • PCB Assembly
  • Module Assembly
  • Mechatronics And Equipment Assembly

Currently, we have 3 manufacturing plants located at strategic locations in Penang, Malaysia with close proximity to airport and shipping facilities. This is critical in our commitment to constantly meet and exceed our international customers’ delivery schedules. We are currently drawing up plans to add another manufacturing facility in H1 2021

All our manufacturing facilities have obtained the Malaysian government Licence Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) certification. In addition, we are also both ISO 9001, 13485 and IPC certified.

We serve customers in Malaysia as well as customers from Japan, the USA, and Europe

Our core beliefs

  • To be flexible, practical & focus
  • Contribute to customers technically and commercially
  • Being Practical and keep customers’ satisfactory at a high level
  • Focus servicing a small pool of strategic customers
  • Globalization mindset to serve globalize customers

Our Vision

To be a strategic thinker and a good manufacturing partner with close and constant 2-way communications

Our Mission Statement

At Radysis, we aimed to be our customer’s best working partner and we strive to continue providing our best. We also aim to be the top choice for our customers, a great investment opportunity for our partners, and a company that our employees are proud of.


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